The company was born in 1979 as a manufacturer of fine wollen yarns made of pure and blended cashmere suitable for knitwear and weaving.

Year after year the spinning mill has lived a constant and unceasing growth, gradually imposing itself in the local market and also in export, what has given birth to a leader company in the yarn sector.

Besides, the different kinds of wool are bought with extremely accurate attention from the best selections of the Australian market.

This particular and rigorous care dedicated to the purchase of our raw materials allows us to offer to our customers products combining softness, comfort and lightness.

All our collection has a main target: excellence and an optimal price/quality ratio, as well.

The main character of all our activity is represented by cashmere “the nearest fiber to heavens”. The types of cashmere used in our yarns strictly come from China and Mongolia and this is the reason why Linsieme is considered one the most important direct buyer from those countries.

Company Linsieme Filati has a vertical control of the production of its wonderful yarns thanks to the exclusive ownership of the different production phases: carding, spinning and winding.

This extremely important potentiality has helped Linsieme Filati to succeed in refining and enhancing the quality of the yarns presented in its catalogues.

Another mission of our company is the care for the health of our final consumers and of the environment: this is why Linsieme Filati has recently intensified its efforts in the direction of an echological way to produce and distribute. An evidence of these efforts is the strict and certified respect of the most severe international safe-dyeing rules.