Commitment, dedication, experience, passion, concreteness are some of the key points of success that has allowed us to establish ourselves as leader of the sector in the national and international market.

The scrupulous research and selection of materials, the entire internal production cycle and a know-how of over forty years, allow us to guarantee a high-quality standard.

Our entire collection aims at excellence and an optimal quality-price ratio.

Our important strength is to be able to offer in almost all our items a real and functional stock service.

The stimulus for the future is the key to our values, we are aware that the future of the world is built with today’s actions, so we are always looking for new opportunities for the protection of natural resources, without ever penalizing the quality of our yarns.

The success of Linsieme Filati is the result of the dedication of each of its components. It is thanks to the passion that the most innovative ideas are born and it is thanks to the commitment that these are made, with curiosity and desire to go higher and higher step by step.

We believe that one of the most sustainable choices in this sector is to invest in quality that gives the possibility to guarantee durability, along with inimitable comfort and beauty.

We use raw materials carefully selected by suppliers able to guarantee the highest quality standards, verified through constant analysis in specialized laboratories how are able to adapt to the protocols required for animals and workers welfare.


* The exact detail relating to the aid described is indicated and available on the National Register of State Aid page.